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Lessons From the Past

May 15, 2012 Leave a comment

I ran across this article a little while back. I found it interesting, as it mirrors some of the discussion we have on occasion in our house. I also found it hopeful, as it attempts to bring to the fore an alternative that just hasn’t been “acceptable” in the mainstream of education for so long (if ever). But you have to begin somewhere. Hopefully, this idea can gain some traction and coverage. Hopefully, those “who know best for all the rest” will take a moment to listen, rather than lecture.

Innovation doesn’t always come from that which lays ahead, the untried. Sometimes you have to look behind you.


A Possible Manuever by the Dems in the Senate?

March 25, 2010 Leave a comment
From a post on USA Today:
 “As Senate Republicans try to force changes to the health care bill, Vice President Joe Biden stands ready to race to Capitol Hill if necessary to break any ties.”
The story continues on with, and is mostly about, Joe Biden’s public language transgression. However, this makes me wonder if this is a tactic the Democratic party may employ in the Senate. If the Dems find they cannot muster the 60 votes necessary to pass a new bill (should the Republicans be successful in their bid to force another vote in the Senate), they could very well manipulate the voting such as to intentionally create a tie, thereby allowing ‘Uh-Oh, here’s Joe’ to break the manufactured tie. Sure, it would be a risky manuever, but if they don’t the votes on a new bill, then why not take the chance?
Whatever happened to “representative republic”?

News You Can (ab)Use

June 18, 2009 3 comments

Ha! Catchy title, don’t ya think? It may appear more than once during whatever life this blog has left. Of course, I’ll have to change it somehow each time, to make it unique.

Anyway, here is the first (& if yer lucky, maybe the last) installment, from an AP story as reported on WOLO tv’s website:

State Lawmaker Suggests Schools Teach Swimming

Written by Polly Aun
Wednesday, 17 June 2009 15:19

(AP) _ A South Carolina lawmaker wants most public schools to offer free swimming lessons after several drowning deaths in the Charleston area this spring.

The Post and Courier of Charleston reported Wednesday that state Rep. Wendell Gilliard wants two years of swimming required for high school graduation.

His bill proposes schools offer free lessons if there is a public pool within 10 miles of the district. There is no provision for funding.

Charleston County School Superintendent Read more…

Kibbles and Bits and Bits and Bits and…

June 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Stuff from here, there and yonder:

Daily funnies from Calvin and Hobbes:


And like Hobbes, just when you thought it safe to come out and put an end to the madness… there is this:

House Passes ‘Cash for Clunkers’ Bill in Bid to Spur Auto Sales

Of course I would call it the “If no company is too big to fail, then no car is too big to bail” program.

For a light-duty truck or SUV, the old truck must have a mileage rating of 18 mpg or less. To receive a voucher of $3,500, a consumer must purchase a new vehicle rated at least 2 mpg higher. To receive a voucher for $4,500, the new vehicle must get at least 5 mpg more.

So, let’s say I own a 2008 Hummer H3, and it’s a pig, and I really want a new car. Enter Santa Claus bearing gifts of vouchers; vouchers equal to dollars and not some cheesy dream vacation supposedly worth thousands and thousands of dollars. Money vouchers, backed by money donated by, well, somebody. Oh well, the devil is in the details – enough of all that small talk, you’ll ruin the mood. NOW all I gotta do is decide what I wanna drive this year. Hm, let’s see – I can buy a ’09 Porsche Cayenne and get $3500 to do so. Or I can buy a ’09 Lexus RX 350 and get $4500. Decisions, decisions. Hey, I wonder who eats the $ that gets lost in the deal since my gas-guzzlin’ trade-in has to be “crushed or shredded”? Surely they don’t expect ME to worry about the balance due to the bank on the previous loan, would they? Surely there are some fine-print details that aren’t in the story… or, WAIT! Hey! Maybe that just goes into the bank bailout funding category! I dunno. What the heck. Just buy something now, before Santa gets mad. You won’t like Santa when he’s angry.

I really like Calvin and Hobbes comics. I’m glad they’re back for viewing on the internet. Everyone should find something that makes them smile. 🙂

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