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First Impressions and Such

First Impression“… What is your first impression of that very phrase, “first impression”? Does the phrase carry any particular connotation when you hear it? Or does its connotation possibly vary, depending on when, where, and in what circumstances you find yourself? And IF the connotation of the phrase itself varies, is there really such a thing, then, as a first impression of “first impression”?

Okay, all that silliness aside, here is an account of a Baptist pastor and his family’s first visit to an Orthodox Church. The pastor is on sabbatical and visiting different churches during his time off. It is an entertaining piece – well written and funny. I can’t be so sure, however, that some of the funny stuff may not be lost on people who haven’t been to an Orthodox Divine Liturgy. If it is lost to some of you, sorry – but trust me, it is indeed funny.  🙂   Hope you enjoy his “first impression” of the Diving Liturgy.

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