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Big Stuff, Little Stuff

Big stuff or little stuff – which matters most?

As a culture I think perhaps our meditation of the big stuff consists mostly of ‘how do I get this big thing, and get it NOW’. Or, in the case of the undesirable big stuff, ‘how do I get OUT of this mess I am in (with no pain)?  And NOW’.

And our little stuff contemplation is more about ‘what trinket do I “need” right now’ or ‘how can such and so have said or done this to ME’?

Indeed, my thoughts above reveal the pessimism that permeates my life. Especially when it sounds like I’m talking about somebody else. But one thing is clear to me, if not to others, is that my negativity comes from within, not from without (at least not entirely from without). I recognize these things around me because I see them in the mirror of my soul daily.

All that aside, Fr Stephen has some words about small things. And just how truly significant they are. Big things become big things because of all the little things that led to that point. And he isn’t talking about ‘things’ as I’ve described above (the ‘things’ I speak of take our attention away from the those that matter most) so much as decisions, crossroads, choices. Those things that comprise the daily warfare of the spirit. Every little thing, whether good or bad, is important and significant.

Give it a read. And the others that are there too.

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