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A Roaring Start

I suppose this is our introduction to WordPress.com and the world of blogging. I’m sure the world has waited an awfully long time for this moment. Prepare, then, to be…. disappointed.

I’ve thought for a while about starting a blog, because every now & then, I feel there’s something I’d like to say. Actually, I feel like saying something quite frequently, but am never able to put it into words. At least not coherently.

So I’ve decided to have a blog ready, you know, for just that perfect moment when all your thoughts come together, and your mind/eye coordination are at their peak (a writer’s equivalent of hand/eye coordination?), and it all just flows like ink from a well onto a white carpet…. oops.

Since I tend toward procrastination – or some say I live by it – it has served well in that I’ve chosen to start my blog using WordPress, which seems to be a more attractive blogging tool than some of the others out there. But what do I know….

But I digress…. hang on for the ride of your life. Maybe pinch yourself occasionally so you’ll know it isn’t a dream. Or maybe more to keep yourself awake.

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